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Warrior Class, Theatreworks Silicon Valley

The West Coast Premiere of Warrior Class 

By Kenneth Lin.

Leslie Martinson, Director

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley,  Palo Alto, CA 

Cast: Pun Bandhu, Delia MacDougall, Robert Sicular

Set Designer: Erik Flatmo
Costume designer: Noah Marin
Lighting designer: Steven B. Mannshardt
 Sound designer: Brendan Aanes
 Stage manager: Jamie D. Mann
About the Show: Warrior Class centers on Julius Weishan Lee, a New York assemblyman who’s been dubbed “The Republican Obama.” Lee is the son of Chinese immigrants and a decorated war veteran with a seemingly limitless political career ahead of him. Then someone from his past threatens to reveal a college transgression, and Lee must decide how far he’ll go to keep the incident out of the public eye. Whatever his decision, the consequences may be costly.
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“Smart, polished and effortlessly charming, Bandhu is instantly credible both as a rising political star and as a moralist who takes strong exception to his hotshot political consultant’s occasional blasphemies – though not his profuse use of obscenities. The jockeying between Nathan and Lee – over which deep-pockets developer Lee should cozy up to, which committee he should sit on – is cagily written and performed. “

Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“Julius Weishan Lee (a slick turn by Pun Bandhu) has been hailed as the Republican Obama. A decorated war veteran with Harvard credentials, he’s the sort of fresh-faced candidate who appeals to voters across demographics. The son of Chinese immigrants, he’s also a churchgoer and a naturally charismatic fellow. Bandhu lends Julius an air of polish and authority. ”

Karen D’Souza, Mercury News

“Written (and acted) with mindful attention to all the ambiguities involved. Under Martinson’s carefully calibrated direction, the actors mine every last nuance of the script. “

Jean Schiffman, San Francisco Examiner 

“Director Leslie Martinson elicits outstanding performances from all three actors. The interchanges and conflicts between them ring true and intrigue the audience. ”

Judy Richter– 

“A gripping, emotionally charged, fast-paced work that ripples with tension and rapid-fire dialogue delivered by an expert cast. Pun Bandhu plays newly elected assemblyman Julius Weishan Lee with a bottled-up tautness of the Silver Star marine he once was. He carries himself erect and careful, precise in movement and speech in a way that hints at a potential for aggression. He is prickly, chafing under the direction of his political advisor. ”

Paul Myrvold, MyrvoldsTheatre

“Pun Bandhu has an easygoing charisma as Julius, but there is something dark and unpredictable there too in his temper, in his resentment. It’s fascinating when we finally get to see him and Holly in the same room, because there’s a palpable tension between the comfortable familiarity of their shared history and the extremely uncomfortable lack of trust between them now. ”

Sam Hurwitt, KQED Arts, Public Broadcasting 

“Pun Bandhu gives the character Julius an air of polish and authority. His physicality and speech patterns are impressive. He is particularly excellent in his confrontations with Delia MacDougall.”

Richard Connema,

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