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It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Show, Baltimore Center Stage

Center Stage, Baltimore, MD

Adapted by Joe Landry (from Frank Capra’s script for a movie based on a story by Philip Van Doren Stern).
Directed by Nelson Eusebio

Cast: Pun Bandhu, Ken Krugman, Joseph McGranaghan, Chiara Motley, Eileen Rivera, Anthony Stultz (foley artist)

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“Charming. Endearing. Cast performances that are full of, um, wonderful life. As Clarence, the angel who’s one good deed shy of earning his wings, Pun Bandhu keeps things simple so the humor has extra spark and the sentiment registers warmly. The actor also bounds nimbly through other assignments, conjuring up distinct personalities. ”
Tim Smith, Baltimore Sun

“Each of the five actors play all of the roles with great panache and fervor. The cast create surprisingly vivid and fully believable characters — dozens of them. Bandhu’s portrayal of Clarence is [one of the most] impressive and memorable. ”
Gina Jun, DC Metro Arts

“The cast members all attack their multiplex duties vigorously. Pun Bandhu at times seems like a whirling dervish as he spins from role to role. This whole show is perfectly magical.”
Jack L.B. Gohn, BroadwayWorld

“A heart-warming and delightful gift. Pun Bandhu as Clarence (and others) and Eileen Rivera as Violet Bick (and others) do an amazing job jumping from character to character. ”
Lynne Menafee MD Theatre Guide 

“The casting is flawless. Pun Bandhu does an outstanding job with a demanding task for any actor. As Clarence, the Angel sent to save George from his suicidal intentions, he is sweetly innocent. As Harry Baily, he is smoothly confident. His talents are wonderfully displayed in a scene where he plays both the bar owner and a drunk customer, literally throwing himself out of the bar. ”
Timoth David Copney, Baltimore Gay Life.

“The most incredible part of the production is the fact that a total of only five actors perform all the roles. They are somehow able, with only a few simple props or costume pieces, to successfully embody the many memorable, ageless characters of the timeless tale. Actor Pun Bandhu is great as Clarence the angel, and in some of the smaller character roles like the bar owner Martini. ”
Mary McCarhy, Splice Today

Creative Team:

Michael Locher
Set Designer

Alixandra Gage Englund
Costume Designer

Burke Brown
Lighting Designer

Sarah Pickett
Sound Designer

Gavin Witt
Production Dramaturg

Stephanie Klapper
Casting Director

Laura Smith*
Stage Manager

Captain Kate Murphy*
Assistant Stage Manager

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